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At OsteoStrong, it doesn’t end with strengthening your skeletal system. It’s about improving on your lifestyle. Read more about how you can live the Bonehead life.

by OsteoStrong l May 31, 2016

If you are over 65 or care about someone who is, then falls are probably a big concern. These staggering facts from the CDC show how dramatically falls can really affect people’s quality of life:

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by OsteoStrong l May 17, 2016

If you have joint or back pain, you know how much it can affect your life. Doctors urge patients to exercise in order to stay healthy, but joint and back pain can make exercise feel impossible. Not to mention that if you have such pain, it was likely caused from an injury doin...

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by OsteoStrong l April 5, 2016

Soft drinks and carbonated sodas are a mainstay of the American beverage diet, but they could be a major contributor to poor bone health. An occasional soda is no big deal, but most people pop the top on soft drinks multiple times a week, which could ultimately lead to weaker ...

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by OsteoStrong l March 8, 2016

Most people know that calcium and vitamin D are key for building stronger bones, especially during vital growth stages and as we begin to age. But even if you eat plenty of bone-building fortifiers such as leafy greens, almonds, fish, and eggs, you might end up damaging your b...

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by OsteoStrong l February 23, 2016

Q: My best friend just had a bone density scan. Do I need one, too?

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by OsteoStrong l February 9, 2016

OsteoStrong has been helping people prevent and reverse bone loss for years. Our specialized osteogenic loading system has a dramatic impact on the way people live, and many clients say we’ve inspired them to do more because they feel so much better. Seniors, those suffering...

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by OsteoStrong l January 29, 2016

Although the well known benefits of exercise are undisputed, activities like exercise, yoga and stretching may not really be the silver bullet if you're one of the more than 100 Million American's who suffer from chronic and intermittent joint or back pain.

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by OsteoStrong l January 27, 2016

OsteoStrong is the best way to build strong, healthy bones at every age, but everything clients do outside of 10-minute sessions once per week plays into bone health as well. Diet alone can’t prevent osteoporosis, but it plays a major role in bone strength and porosity throu...

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by OsteoStrong l January 5, 2016

OsteoStrong is all about helping people live healthier lives more naturally. Our osteogenic loading system is reversing osteoporosis and slowing natural bone loss due to aging for people across the nation, and we love hearing personal stories about the dramatic impact our no-s...

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by OsteoStrong l December 15, 2015

Bone density is critical to healthy aging. Bones naturally break down and rebuild new bone matter through the life cycle, but as the body ages, the rebuilding process slows down drastically and can eventually lead to weak and brittle bones (also known as osteoporosis). If you ...

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